About company

The goal of our company is to find the goods that you need at a suitable price.
Our company has been successfully operating since 2006. Due to our extensive links worldwide, we are the first to know where goods can be acquired at prices below those of the market.

We mostly buy out the goods in large batches from companies which are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy. When buying the goods, we do not divide them by items but simply reach an agreement about the cost of the entire facility – land plots, warehouses, plants, buildings and, certainly, everything located in the territory of the facility. We retain the real estate ourselves, which is subsequently divided into parts and offered for sale, but all of the available products are sold wholesale at minimum prices, as we do not need them and are not engaged in trading them.

Our services include everything involved in the delivery of the goods, including: modern European warehouses for freight consolidation (A class), freight collection throughout Europe, packing and repacking, insurance, customs procedures, warehousing in Moscow and further transportation of freight in Moscow and to other cities of Russia.