Transportation logistics

International freight services by any means of transport

There are several ways to import goods (including groupage cargoes to Russia). When choosing an appropriate means of transport the following points should be taken into consideration:

  • Routes and distances – loading point and final destination, distance between them and other control points of the route, the level of the route difficulty;
  • Type of goods and transportation safety – such peculiarities of goods as dangerous, fragile, valuable, perishable etc. goods; their measurements and weight;
  • Delivery lead time;
  • Price of delivery – it is extremely important that a client’s expectations of delivery lead time and price must me considered

Algorithm of groupage cargo transportation:

  1. You send us your request to collect the goods including all the necessary information about them, loading address, contacts and approximate loading date.
  2. We receive confirmation from the factory/sender about the goods readiness and loading date.
  3. We collect the goods referring your request on the date arranged.
  4. The goods are delivered to one of our consolidation warehouses in Italy, Germany, Lithuania or Latvia.
  5. The goods are processed at one of our consolidation warehouses.
  6. The goods are checked, taken pictures of, weighed and additionally packed if necessary.
  7. We store the goods at our warehouses at a client’s request.
  8. After the goods batches have been formed and all the necessary documents have been collected, the goods are scheduled to be shipped to Russia to the destination indicated in accompanying documents.
  9. The goods are cleared at a customs terminal of Russia and delivered to our deconsolidation warehouse in Moscow.

Our consolidation warehouse in Riga provides a full package of services in terms of warehouse processing and goods storage including various customs regimes.

We offer both shelf and floor storage, loading and unloading works (including large-sized goods), selection and forming of different orders. We also pack, mark and put the goods in pallets. If necessary the package is restored or renewed. The faulty items are removed and disposed of.

International freight services
International freight services
International freight services