The importance of marketing in modern trading, whether domestic or international, traditional or electronic, wholesale or retail, can hardly be overestimated. Modern economic and business science has thoroughly analyzed and studied all the necessary steps and components of the marketing process – this knowledge are available to everybody, of course. But when it comes down to real projects – then you would definitely prefer to engage experienced professionals to implement your plans and ambitions.


We at A Partners possess both theoretical knowledge and practical experience with all phases of marketing process, including:

-          market research and sales forecast

-          development of the strategy and tactics of the market penetration, product launch and promotion of the product

-          planning and organizing of the advertisement

-          development of the concepts of the after sales service, support and customer service

-          offering necessary logistics (transportation and warehousing) to support the customers’ plans


We have our own team of qualified professionals as well as necessary international connections to warrant the successful accomplishment of the tasks indicated above. It is our normal procedure to invite the experts and use all the modern knowledge available in the market if it necessary for the achievements of the goals set by our customers.